Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Tomorrow ♥

Just a short entry!

I'm super exited 'cause my boyfriend visits me tomorrow for 4days ♥
and as i mentioned before, we are in a long distance relationship. 
He lives in Berlin and that's about 5hours with car and about 7h with train.
We try to see us as much as possible, but it doesn't work the whole time.
But when we see, we are just lovey-dovey :3
He's my man for almost 11months and he is the first guy that i really would want to marry ^///^
(Don't know if this is really english or just denglish xD)
He gives me that feeling that i'm the only one, the perfect one.
I hope every person on this world will find this REAL love!
The world would be a better place!

That's all for now ♥


Hello Gal's!
This is my first try in the whole blogging thing.
I wanted to do a blog for a long time for now, but I was afraid 'cause....
So for the first time i'll introduce myself:
My Name is Ari, i'm 21years old and live in Dortmund, Germany.
I'm in a long distance realtionship and have to drive 5h to see my beloved Boyfriend.
I'm interested in subcultures and fashion all over the world.
My passions are reading, sleeping, Make-Up and Hair-Make, Gyaru- and Gothicfashion.
 I'm member of the Velvet Gyaru-sa and that's all!

And I want to blog about my whole life.
I want to show you my favourite books and movies.
I want to show things that i like and thing that I don't like.
I will use this blog like a diary and post every week, 
that I can read it in the future and remember me of this times.
I'll try to write just in english, but i have to say that it's not my native tongue 
so please be not to hard to me ;P

Ok that's all for the first time.
Hope you all have a great day and a great weekend!
Hope to see you in the future :D