Montag, 7. Januar 2013

#7 - Rising STAR German Gal Circle

Now I want to introduce our german gal -unit Rising STAR to you.

I thought a german Gal-Unit would be a great idea to get to know and to interchange with other german Gal's and Gal-o's!

I love this community and I want a strong company without any drama or shit like that.
I know you can't deal with everyone (thats just normal) but I think our community is great and I want to show that.

It doesn't matter if your in a circle or anything else:
What counts is to familiarize everyone with each other, out of a circle or forum.
You can post events to reach a lot of people, socialize, talk about topics like make-up or Style and everything that bothers and interests you.
You can ask if you need help with anything like make-up, style, hair and more :)

We're just a group of people who loves and shares the same interests and style!

If any german gal wants to join us, you can mail us on our fb page :)

Ok that's all for now <3 :)
have a great day!

Xoxo Ari

Samstag, 29. Dezember 2012

Too much topics not enough time

It's been way too long since my last post and it happened way too much.
At first I moved to the hometown of my fiancé, Hennigsdorf near Berlin) and began here my apprenticeship as hair dresser.
Second thing is that I totally ruined my Hair and now I've a short black bob.

So far so good.
There were also some changes in my Gal-Cir VELVET (we got 3new member and 2 will follow)

I had a great Christmas and was at home for (kinda) two days xD

I miss my friends and my family very much, but I love my job and I'm starting to feeling like this could be a new home for me.

Ok that will be the topics I'll write about in the next days, but now I'll just meet up with my fiancé and enjoy this weekend!

Xoxo Ari

Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2012

The longest blogpost EVER! | Berlin | Velvet | JapanDay

Sry for not posting such a long time!
I was very busy and wanted to post about so much Events!
Now I'll make a superlong entry xD


Me and Aiko went together to Berlin :D
We stayed at my Boyfriends Home and had a great time!
We had to celebrate two birthdays! The one of my BF and one of a great friend of us, A-chan :)
Luckily the weather was PERFECT! It was warm and sunny and we went to the Friedrichshainer (a park in berlin)!
And here the pics :D...

Aiko & me trolling around: ULTIMATE DUCKFACE ♥

with Shiza ♥

Aiko & Tama ♥ i love you both

Hipster Poncho (ok it's just a red blanket xD)

A Hip-Hop Like outfit xD....
I like it ♥

I was so happy to see so much persons :)
And it was big fun ♥

Now the next topic:


A few of you might know that i'm in the Velvet Gyaru-sa!
I really love my people!
It's everytime so much fun when we meet and we should meet so much more!
Everytime we meet we try to take pictures, but it fails the most of the time!
On the last meet we had a guest: Hanna ♥
She was so super sweet!
She's a friend of Keiji from the VK-Times and really nice!
We styled her as Gal and she looked so gorgeous and sweet *_* but unfortunately she was the only one with a cam at this moment and i didn't got the pictures yet!
It was so much fun ♥
We drank Asti with Strawberry Smoothie and later Beer xD
We wanted to play singstar, too but it was getting too late and the most of them had to leave!
I hope we'll meet Hanna soon again, but she lives near Hamburg (if I don't msitaken) and so I'll have to wait!

We had a second guest too but I almost forgot about it 'cause she's in my heart already a Velvet ♥:

We already wrote on facebook several times 'cause we live in the same town, but we never met, till Aiko and I went to Keiji's place to hang out.
And there she was: beautiful, funny and simply awesome!
It's a big great Bromance ♥
She was at the Velvet-Meet o'cause we invited her :)
And the on one of the only 3 pictures I took at this evening with my iPhone was one of us two!

I look a lil bit weird but who cares! WE GHOSTAA ♥

and now to the next and last topic:

JAPANDAY (hihi♥)

Every year is in Düsseldorf (GER) the big japanday 'cause DDorf has a big japanese Community and a lot of  japanese shops and restaurants AND a printclub-machine :D ♥

The day:
We went to Aiko to get ready together, my boyfriend was also here ♥
Keiji made our hair and he did the best job ever ♥
I've to thank him sooo bad 'cause I didn't felt comfortable with my outfit and all and thanks to him i felt beautiful this day ♥
Aiko looked so great this day I couln't get my eyes off of her!
And all together we went to Düsseldorf.
Keiji and Kazuu

Me and Keiji

we're sexy and we know it! xD ♥

Aiko ♥

Hans ♥

The first persons we met at the Düsseldorf Centralstation  were the Berliner ♥
I was so happy to see them! Together we head to the OCS to took Purikura :)
We had to wait so damned long and it was so hot, but we had fun ;)

Hans, Kazuu, Me and A-chan <3

A-chan und Aiko ♥ Aren't they stunning? *o*

Shitfaces ♥ xDD
I really love this guys xD ♥

And now the purikura :D

In the OCS we also met Kitai and Jelly and took Purikura again :D...

It was so much fun :D
After that went went all together to the Rhein 'cause we had a meet-up with the girls of our german Gyaru-Forum ♥ (if you're german or speak german, join us :D)
Kitai and me bought delicious melon-ice for the long travel xD
After days (it felt like, it was just too full with people x.x) we arrived!
Unfortunately a few of our girls missed ;_;
But neverless we took pictures:

It's the only pic I could find so far, i forgot my digicam at home v_v'

After this little photosession we went to look for Mona and Caro, but we couldn't find them.
In our frustration we had to took pictures again!
Can you believe it?

Later we met Sascha Jojo and Jessica :D
and more photos:

Later we spilt and Kitai, Keiji, Hans, Aiko, Kazuu, Riina (she's such a great Gal *O*), a friend of Keiji, two friends of Kitai and Me went to a sidestreet to sit drink and talk :D
It was so much fun and don't worry: no one took photos!
At 10pm we went again to the Rhein to see the firework and meet our people, but unfortunately we lost Keiji and Hans and so it happened that they missed the best:

It was so beautiful and i couldn't believe it ♥
We're now 1year together and I love him so much!
I know he reads my blog and so i have to say:

I love you Pumpkin <3
You're my greatest love and I never want to miss you, again!
I love more than salt and more than everything in this world!
I will be the happiest wife of the world when we marry and I'm the happiest fiancee already!
<4 <7

Kitai made a vid of the proposal but you can't see one thing xD <3
You always here Aiko Riina and Kitai screaming <3 You're so sweet!
It was the great end of a great day <3
(Naturally we found Keiji and Hans again and went home, thank you all for such a great time ♥)

Ok this is the End of the longest post of my life (I'll definately never do such a long post again!)
Hope you enjoyed it a lil bit!

Have a great day, all of you! <3

Montag, 14. Mai 2012

Blogger and my iPhone

I'm happy to say that I'm able to blog with my Mobilephone xD

It's pretty awesome <3

I've an iPhone for a few weeks now and I explore the great App.World ^_^
I'm in love with instagram and some Manga and Anime Apps xD

What kind of app's do you use? :D

And now a few pic's from this weekend :D

Aiko looking for singstarsongs ♥

Vanessa and Me ♥ we ghosta ♥

Vanessa, just being super sweet!

Have a great day :3

Samstag, 12. Mai 2012

I'm back & Sami's Give-Away ♥

Hey :)
Sry for not posting for such a long time, but I hadn't internet for a few weeks and was in Berlin for a time.
I'll post later about it :D

But Sami is giving a very great give away <3
You can enter

I wish everyone good luck :D

So now I've to tidie up my apartment 'cause I get new furniture xD ♥
Have a great day!

Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Tomorrow ♥

Just a short entry!

I'm super exited 'cause my boyfriend visits me tomorrow for 4days ♥
and as i mentioned before, we are in a long distance relationship. 
He lives in Berlin and that's about 5hours with car and about 7h with train.
We try to see us as much as possible, but it doesn't work the whole time.
But when we see, we are just lovey-dovey :3
He's my man for almost 11months and he is the first guy that i really would want to marry ^///^
(Don't know if this is really english or just denglish xD)
He gives me that feeling that i'm the only one, the perfect one.
I hope every person on this world will find this REAL love!
The world would be a better place!

That's all for now ♥


Hello Gal's!
This is my first try in the whole blogging thing.
I wanted to do a blog for a long time for now, but I was afraid 'cause....
So for the first time i'll introduce myself:
My Name is Ari, i'm 21years old and live in Dortmund, Germany.
I'm in a long distance realtionship and have to drive 5h to see my beloved Boyfriend.
I'm interested in subcultures and fashion all over the world.
My passions are reading, sleeping, Make-Up and Hair-Make, Gyaru- and Gothicfashion.
 I'm member of the Velvet Gyaru-sa and that's all!

And I want to blog about my whole life.
I want to show you my favourite books and movies.
I want to show things that i like and thing that I don't like.
I will use this blog like a diary and post every week, 
that I can read it in the future and remember me of this times.
I'll try to write just in english, but i have to say that it's not my native tongue 
so please be not to hard to me ;P

Ok that's all for the first time.
Hope you all have a great day and a great weekend!
Hope to see you in the future :D