Montag, 7. Januar 2013

#7 - Rising STAR German Gal Circle

Now I want to introduce our german gal -unit Rising STAR to you.

I thought a german Gal-Unit would be a great idea to get to know and to interchange with other german Gal's and Gal-o's!

I love this community and I want a strong company without any drama or shit like that.
I know you can't deal with everyone (thats just normal) but I think our community is great and I want to show that.

It doesn't matter if your in a circle or anything else:
What counts is to familiarize everyone with each other, out of a circle or forum.
You can post events to reach a lot of people, socialize, talk about topics like make-up or Style and everything that bothers and interests you.
You can ask if you need help with anything like make-up, style, hair and more :)

We're just a group of people who loves and shares the same interests and style!

If any german gal wants to join us, you can mail us on our fb page :)

Ok that's all for now <3 :)
have a great day!

Xoxo Ari

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